Inspection Photos

                                     Actual Home Inspection Photographs

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1)  Photos 1-6 are of the same house. 2)  This is a LIVE wire (120 volts) located at the crawlspace entrance. A Hazardous Threat.
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3) The termination point of this downspout is the     cause for the rotted trim. 4) 1st thought…The gutter is clogged…Right!     Actually, it had an incorrect pitch not noticeable from the ground. When it rained the gutter overflowed slowly rotting the fascia board it was attached to.
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5) This moisture damage below the window alerted me to inspect farther. (See Photo 6) 6)  This is the inside wall form (Photo 5) The spot on the outside created a stain 4ft. long.  
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7)  Photos 7-16 are of the same house. This house is NEW (Never Lived In) 8) You have to get close to see this one. Look for     the crack starting at the bottom right moving to the top left. Remember New House.
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9) New HVAC Unit, Right?… Then Why all the Rust??    (See Photo 10) 10) Not Only was the unit faulty, It turns out it was     the wrong unit all together.
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11) This duct has restricted airflow due to the 90     degree angle 12) Same duct from (photo 11) terminates right in front of the attic entrance. This is a bad location. The duct will surely become damaged.
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13) Something looked funny about this porch. I turned on the faucet to test my suspicions. The porch indeed sloped toward the  house allowing water to pool against it.  Condition may cause further problems..See Picture 14. 14) This was a One Year Warranty Inspection. Same porch from picture 13 one year later. My predictions were correct. The porch had settled over two inches and there were a lot more major issues created. Unfortunately the home owner had to take the builder to court. Good thing the owner had both inspection reports the show the court.
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15) Raised shingles. Leaking may occur with a wind     driven rain. Also easier for high winds to catch underneath shingle & rip it away. (Remember, New House) 16) Loose shingles/poor workmanship on this valley. Not only is it an eye sore, but a sure sign that indicates possible leaking in the future.
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17)  With eyes wide open & great caution (Notice the SNAKE shed) I inspected every square inch of this crawlspace. 18) Within the circle is a P-trap. Problem is the correct position for a P-trap is the way you see it in the smaller picture. Installed incorrectly allows sewer gas into the home.
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19) This is the underneath of a dishwasher. The     arrows point to the water leaking from it.              (See Photo 20) 20) More water from dishwasher of photo 19. Client asked for a new dishwasher & got one. The cost of the Inspection was just paid for $$$.
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21) Watch that 5th step!! You could be the wrong     person at the wrong time when this gives way. 22) I am not a licensed termite inspector but, I know a termite trail when I see one.
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23) Is this a water stain due to a leaking roof?         (See 24)  24) Yes, the plumbing vent boot cover that seals this pipe on the roof was cracked allowing rain to run down the pipe onto the ceiling below. (See 23)
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25) Would you notice there is missing flashing? I     hope so. Missing flashing is a big deal leading to big problems (see 26 & 27). 26) Without the flashing water was able to run     underneath slowly rotting the roof sheathing. Notice the dip in the roof. (see 25 & 27)
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27) More…this is the corner/side view of the spot     in Photo 26. 28) This is over heated wiring at the HVAC     disconnect. FIRE HAZARD
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29) This was a maintenance inspection. The owner was complaining about the High electric bill. It’s clear what the cause was. (see 30) 30) Not just 1 duct but 2. Maybe you’re thinking… “I would have figured that out” or “I could have found that.”  The owner was too large to fit into the crawlspace. (see 29).

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