For the Seller

A  Pre-Listing Inspection: Why EVERY seller should have a Home Inspection

Trust Plays a Large Part in Any Transaction. Every legitimate effort you make to build trust with a potential buyer will bring them that much closer to making the decision  to buy your property. Trust about you and the  property’s condition is a key element. A Pre-Listing Inspection lets them  know your property is in good shape. They’ll feel good about you and the  property. That can make all the difference!

Strengthen Your Position as a Seller. By having an inspection before selling, you’re prepared for items  that may show up during the buyer’s inspection. You can prevent extended  negotiations if the repairs are made ahead of time. Fewer contingencies in the  sales contract will undoubtedly make closing much smoother

Protect   your home’s market value.
Gain an   advantage over other listed homes. Expedite your home’s sale at the   highest possible price.


Eliminate the need to  concern buyers with the condition of the property.
This allows them a relaxed perspective on the lifestyle aspects of living there.  It allows them to focus on seeing themselves as the owners,  without worrying about the property as a good  investment. They can dream. Which is exactly what you want them to  do.     
              Give Pre-Listing Inspections Some Serious Thought…
You’ll immediately see the advantages it provides you as a seller. If you have any questions about pre-listing inspections, just give CertiPro a call for honest, informative answers to your questions. CertiPro     Home Inspection of Fort Walton Beach, FL
 is pleased to assist.

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